Lagu-lagu Mocca

Album-Album MOCCA

PlayList :  1. Once Upon a Time
2. Secret Admirer
3. Twist Me Around
4. What If
5. Me & My Boyfriend
6. Telephone
7. Dream
8. When The Moonlight Shines
9. And Rain Will Fall
10. Life Keeps On Running
11. What If (acoustic)
12. Me & My Boyfriend (acoustic)
13. Goodnight Song

PlayList : 
1. On The Night Like This
2. I Think I’m In Love
3. My Only One
4. Friend
5. Lucky Man
6. I Would Never
7. You And Me Against The World
8. Buddy Zeus
9. This Conversation
10. How Wonderful Life Would Be
11. Swing It, Bob!
12. It’s Over No

1. I Love You Anyway
2. You Don’t Even Know Me
3. (I Can’t Believe) You’ve Cheated On Me
4. Dear Diary
5. Do What You Wanna Do
6. You
7. Seven Days Ago
8. The Best Thing
9. Hyper-Ballad
10. Sing
11. The Object Of My Affection
12. Let Me Go

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